Social media are a daily element in our lives. They allow us to be always in touch with our families and friends, to find people who share our interests or hobbies, and to know about news or events in real time.

In May 2015 we launched BoysRide, a website that allows you to share a car with other users who go to the same destination you go and, by doing so, to save on the trip expenses. The difference with the other social media that offer a service like ours is that BoysRide is oriented exclusively to gay, bisexual and gayfriendly boys.

If you have to do a car trip, you can lower costs if the available seats are occupied by users going to your same destination. You can share the costs with them, and your saving could be up to 75%.

You decide the ammount to pay for each seat, but from BoysRide we give you a sugested price according to the kilometers you are going to travel.

If you don't have a car and you want to save on your trips, you can search for your trip an do a reservation, knowing that the saving in the trip cost will be significant and that you will get to know interesting people.

Happiness is real only when it is shared.
(Sean Penn, 'Into the wild')

Share + Save + Enjoy

Share experiences, moments, anecdotes... You can travel and shave money, not forgetting that this is exclusively for boys who, same as you do, think that TRAVELLING equals to ENJOYING.

We are open to any suggestion, opinion, comment... while it is constructive, of course.